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Certified Calibration Services
by Nanmac Corporation

ASTM INTERNATIONAL NIST National Institute of Standards and Technology, U.S. Department of Commerce

All Nanmac calibrations are performed in accordance with ASTM International Test method E220-07 Standard Test Method for Calibration of Thermocouples by Comparison Techniques. All test standards used in our laboratory are directly traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Nanmac's laboratory is equipped to calibrate and certify sheathed, unsheathed thermocouples, bare or insulated thermocouple wire; pressure up to 30,000 psig. Thermocouple assemblies built by Nanmac or others and also temperature sensors that you may already have and which require recertification.

Series 1 Calibration - Up to 2,192°F

Temperature Range: 300 to 2,192°F / 150 to 1,200°C

Length: Sheath, probe or wire length as short as eight inches up to 96 inches (21cm to 252cm).

Diameter: Maximum sheath or probe diameter is 1/2 inch (note #1)

Series 2 Calibration - Up to 2,820°F

Temperature Range: 575 to 2,820°F / 330 to 1,540°C

Length: Sheath, probe or wire length as short as 18 inches up to 96 inches (48cm to 252cm).

Diameter: Maximum sheath or probe diameter is one inch (note #1)

Sensor Types

Thermocouple Types B, C, D, E, J, K, N, R, S, & T

Data Format

Calibration data format can be supplied in either °F, °C, or Mv


Varying greatly based upon the following factors: number of sensors calibrated, number of temperature points required, minimum and maximum temperature points, and thermocouple design and configuration. For a prompt proposal on your particular certified calibration or if you have question on calibration contact us.


  1. In some cases the sheath material may require a secondary protection tube to be used during the calibration process. This secondary tube is installed by Nanmac Corporation and will be removed prior to shipment of the device. This tube in no way effects the sensor and is only used during the calibration process. If a secondary tube is required, this must be accounted for in the maximum diameter. Typically, the secondary tube is 1/4 inch diameter larger than the test item.
  2. The capabilities shown here are for standard type devices. The Nanmac lab can accommodate various other configurations to numerous listings. If you require a special calibration; please contact us with your special requirement.

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