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Key Connection Components

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Circuit & Conduit Boxes

Thermocouple and RTD circuit boxes for pane mount or wiring harness requirement.

Jack Panels

Up to 48 circuits in one panel, all thermocouple and RTD connections.

Miniature Plugs & Jacks

Universal mini size thermocouple and RTD plugs and jacks for regular or high temperature use (includes hardware for mounting).

Standard Plugs & Jacks

Universal, standard size thermocouple and RTD plugs and jacks for regular or high temperature use (includes cable clamps and hardware for mounting).

Mounting Fittings

Adjustable fittings for vacuum and pressure applications.

Furnace Pipes

Heavy duty furnace pipes for high temperature requirements and corrosive applications.

Cable Assemblies - Thermocouples

Thermocouple cable assemblies, made to order with various plugs, jacks, and insulation.

Cable Assemblies - RTDs

Heavy duty cable assemblies for RTD sensors (various terminations, lengths made to order).

Head Mount, Non-Isolated

Transmitter, non-isolated input, 4-20 mAmp, head mount

Panel Mount, 1/8 DIN

Large, bright LED for process variable display, with or without control functions.


Insulated Thermocouple Wire

All thermocouple types, gauges, insulations, standard color codes, and stainless steel overbraid is available.

Multi-Pair Thermocouple Cable

PVC insulated thermocouple extension cable in various numbers of pairs.

Ceramic Insulators

High temperature ceramics for thermocouple elements. Various materials, sizes and lengths to fit your requirement.

Reference Junctions

High accuracy reference junctions for all thermocouple types.

Ceramic & Refactory Metal

Protection tube materials, alumina, molybdenum, tantalum, and others for temperatures over 4,000°F.

Mullite Tubes

Ceramic tubes with or without mounting fittings (general use to 2,400°F).

Conduit Heads, NEMA, FM, ATEX, Weatherproof

General purpose and rated connection heads for thermocouples, RTDs and transmitters.

Mounting Bushings

Various bushings and fixed fittings for easy installation of temperature sensors.

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